As a college student there are several ways to become involved in ITS's College Program.

Specifically, there are 3 options:

1) MARKETING-Promote ITS to your friends and family to earn store credit.  Store credit earned is based on the amount of referrals that you get to come to ITS and receive service.  Your store credit can be used towards a tattoo or piercing for yourself or a friend.  

2) INTERNSHIP-Are you interested in learning the business?  Bank hours working in the studio learning the business for free (apprenticeship positions usually cost $5000), thus furthering your tattoo career goals.  *College credit is available if accepted by your College/University.  

3) PROMOTION-Attend designated events and participate in activities that promote ITS to the local community.  You earn credit by attending and participating in events.  Store credit can be used towards a tattoo or piercing.  


We know students have competitive spirits, so we will post TOP 10 point earners on the ITS website.  By participating in the ITS College Program, you give ITS permission to recognize you.  Be one of the TOP 3 point earners at the end of the semester and you will earn CASH!!!

1st Place Winner: $250 CASH!

2nd Place Winner: $100 CASH!

3rd Place Winner: $50 CASH!

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