Tattoo Aftercare


Tattoos aren't just visually appealing and meaningful mementos. You're pretty much having a medical procedure performed. This is why aftercare is just as important as going to a clean, sterile, licensed tattoo shop.  

Day 1

  • After your artist is finished, they will put on a thick layer of ointment covering your tattoo then either place a bandage over it or wrap it in plastic wrap. 
  • You may remove the bandage/plastic wrap approximately 2 hours after it is put on. (Check with your artists for any details on your specific tattoo.)
  • When you remove the bandage, you may notice a fluid oozing from the tattoo, it's normal, it's blood plasma and extra ink. 
  • Your skin also may be red and sore and a little warm to the touch.
  • Wash your hands first, then gently wash the tattoo with warm water and fragrance free soap. 
  • Pat dry with a clean soft cloth.
  • Gently apply a very small amount of aftercare ointment. (It should be a very thin layer so it can breath and heal properly.)

Day 2 - 6

  • Wash your tattoo 1-2 times a day with clean hands, warm water and fragrance free soap. (You may still notice ink in the water while rinsing, this is still excess ink, no need for alarm.)
  • Your tattoo is going to start to scab over, this is normal. (Do not pick at your scabs, as this could cause scarring.)
  • Apply aftercare ointment or a fragrance free & alcohol free moisturizer as needed through the day. (Again, a very thin layer, as it needs to breath to heal.)

Day 7 - 14

  • The scabs are starting to harden and come off. Again, do not pick at them, let them come off naturally, as picking at them can pull out ink and cause scarring. 
  • Your tattoo may be itchy, this is a sign of healing. DO NOT SCRATCH IT. Instead, try using a moisturizer to help with itch relief. (Again, thin layer, rub in well and fragrance & alcohol free.)
  • By this point, if your tattoo is still red or swollen, it may be infected, please consult with your tattoo artist or a doctor.

Day 15-30

  • You are in the final phase of healing at this point. The majority of the big flakes should have come off. And the scabs should be going away. 
  • You may notice it seems dry, it's just dead skin cells. Again, a fragrance & alcohol free moisturizer can be used to assist.  

Important To Know Through The Healing Process!

  • NO direct sunlight on the tattoo for the first 2-3 weeks. 
  • NO sunscreen while tattoo is healing, once tattoo is completely healed, always use sunscreen.
  • DO NOT soak the tattoo. No swimming, baths hot tub or sauna for the first 2 weeks or until tattoo is healed.
  • NO shaving or waxing area until tattoo is completely healed.
  • DO NOT listen to friends or so called tattoo experts. If you have questions, reach out to your artist. 

Soaps, Ointments & Moisturizers

  • SOAPS - H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap (we carry), Dial, Dove
  • Ointments - H2Ocean Aquatat Ointment (we carry), A&D, Aquaphor
  • Moisturizers - H2Ocean Ocean Care Moisturizing Cream (we carry), Lubriderm, Eucerin